Embrace the Metaverse

We build community through our shared love for NFTs, cryptocurrency, and all things metaverse. Our approach focuses on in-person meetups to connect with enthusiasts IRL, and provide opportunities to hold and build together. As passionate as we are, we also know we can’t do this alone. Join us in our ambitious plan to build a better future for all.

Upcoming Events

Join us at our in-person meetups, where we talk all things crypto, NFT, blockchain, and Web3.


To join our group, one must hold the OddFutur3 Access Token. Membership includes access to our private Discord, early access to all OddFutur3 NFT Projects, in-person events, and of course much much more.

*The access token is an NFT, and you will need to purchase with ETH (Ethereum).

Please read these articles to get started:
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