OddFutur3 Access Token

Gain exclusive access to our monthly NFT meetups, priority whitelist for all future OddFutur3 NFT projects, and early access to our upcoming DAO.

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If you’re anything like us, NFTs have taken over your life. You love our community, and you want to take part in every event without having to register each month. You’ve also heard through the grapevines that we are launching many exciting NFT projects, and you want to make sure you whitelist on every drop.

Last but not least, we’re working very hard to make the OddDAO rumour true. Yup, you heard it here first, and we’ll be giving all token holders an opportunity to be a part of it before anyone else.

Only 200 all-access tokens will be available in 2022.

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  • Private Discord Channel

    Members-only Discord channel to discuss new projects, artists, and upcoming drops.

  • Odd Futur3 NFT Tools

    Free access to our Direct-From-Contract-Minter and all collector tools we’re building.

  • VIP Whitelist

    Exclusive VIP whitelist to all of our upcoming OddFutur3 NFT projects. Current projects launching Jan, Feb and March 2022.

  • DAO

    First access to our OddFutur3 DAO (Q2 2022).

  • Meetups and Events

    Free access (2022-2025) to all our monthly in-person local meetups and experiences.

  • Early Content & Live Interviews

    Members will have access to live interviews and receive the OddFutur3 videos and podcasts before anyone else.

  • Merchandise

    Exclusive access to OddFutur3 merchandise, swag and special artist collections.

  • And Much More…

    This is just the beginning. We’ll have an ever growing list of member benefits - all with the goal of giving back to our holders.

  • 3 Years of Token Holder Only Benefits (2022-2025)